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The Wheel of Fortune

I collected 2110 € (last update 17/02/2019)

Hello there , I’m Anneke

and sometimes called Pipi. Referring to the playful, waggish, enthousiast girl that arises in me. This happens mostly when I’m on the bicycle. Because I love to freely look and feel the world on two wheels. This road leads me often to seizable new goals, wonderful new people and commendable purposes. Therefore I’ve cycled for more good causes (Kom op Tegen Kanker, Broederlijk Delen,…). To me it’s the ideal recipe for small moments of happiness.

I’m a people person. That’s why I work since more then 12 years now, first as a caregiver and then as a projectcoördinator, in social welfare and mental health care. Projectwork fits me the best, because then Pippi Longstocking gets really in her element.

Since May 2019, I work for PlusVriend. A project that brings people together with a sensibility to psychosis. I coach people to form duo’s, which can support eachother in social recovery. The duo’s support one another on the basis of their own experiences with psychosis and vulnarabilities. They use their own power of vulnerability to equally empower eachother. I listen to their stories, needs and coach their proces.
Social contact is essential when recovering from, and while going through moments of psychosis.

I experienced how important social contact, social meaning and physical activity can be in recovery from social anxiety and mood disorder. And it still provides me the balance I need. This brought me to the idea of ‘Trappen Tegen Grenzen’. To create more possibilities to social and physical activity in the recovery proces for people sensible to psychosis.

How I’m kicking the pedals and borders ?

Life is like riding a bicycle, Einstein said. To keep your balance, you got to keep moving.

I lost my balance in life a few times. The bicycle proved , at least for me, to be a good way to find a better life-rythm. Or shall I rather say, cadence. What started as a therapy, grew into a way of life. I started cycling to live, and now I live to cycle. Cycling gives me meaning, self-confidence, healthy challenges, social contact and an environmental friendly mobility. Now I want to use my recoverytool as a use to others. Other people challenged by psychological vulnerabilities.

In september 2020 I will cycle to border of Belgium. About 2000 kilometers, and for this I give myself a maximum of 14 days. Because an activity like this apparently raises a lot of attention, I decided to link a fundraising and awareness to it. So I will pedal to raise funds for UilenSpiegel vzw, a community for people with a psychological vulnerability. And more specific I want to collect money to organise more social recovery possibilities for people sensible to psychosis. Like f.i. cycling tours.

I will pedal against limits: financial limits, social limits and stigma. I want to show that a psychological vulnerability doesn’t stop people from achieving great things. I want to show how the bicycle can function as a great recovery tool. I will be very thankful for your support.

How can you support ?
By donating money for this very valuable cause
By organising a fundraising yourself in favor of Trappen Tegen Grenzen
You can join me on the bike
You can participate in an event pronounced on the Facebookpage and instagrampage
You can offer a place to sleep during my trip in september (a place for my tent, a bed, a shower, … )

Let’s get in contact ?!

You want to organise a fundraiser with me ?
You have something to share or have some questions ?
You want me to get more information how cycling can help people recover from mental problems ?

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